How Open Access publications are evaluated? a survey

Open Access logoAre Open Access publications “proper academic” publications? New tools are challenging the monopoly of impact factors as the sole measure of research quality, but are they up to the job?

The answer to these questions seems to be different in different domains and different countries. Also many stakeholders with different objectives are involved in the discussion, with competitive interests.
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Findings will be shared in this blog.

Seminar “Digital scholar and evaluation of Open Access publications” Parma, October 24th-25h, 2012

The Seminar “Digital scholar and evaluation of Open Access publications” wants to find replies to these questions:

1. Do Open Access publications are considered ‘proper scholarship’ (however that might be defined)?

3. Are they applicable to all domains?

4. Are they more applicable for some scholarly functions than others e.g., teaching?

5. How is quality recognised?

  1. Should Open Access publications be rewarded through official routes such as tenure?

 The Seminar will be held in the University of Parma on 24-25 October, 2012