Digital (and blended) libraries have an increased interest in and changing work practices surrounding the humanities scholars research cycle,Altmetric logofrom creation to distribution.

Altmetrics are being created and tested as a way to address the complexity of scholarly communication in the digital age and to record or report on the impact or influence of scholarly research. These new measures address many different outputs and impacts, such as open data, open access publications, academic blogs, article-level usage data, and shared open content.

Alternative metrics of impact (or altmetrics) are becoming a part of digital library service and a new way to measure and track the research impact of scholars. Digital and hybrid library professionals involved in the evaluation of digital humanities and/or embedded in the scholarly communication cycle in the humanities can be interested to submit a research paper in the special issue on Altmetrics and Digital Libraries of the international journal “Performance measurement and metrics”. This issue is scheduled for PMM Volume 17, Issue 3 of 2016

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